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Why Choose Me

  • Welcoming and friendly

  • Bespoke treatment for every customer

  • Swedish, Hot Stones, Tsuboki, Reiki or combination.

  • Highly recommended and praised

  • Excellent work ethic - extremely hard working!

  • Lasting effects (both mood and pain relief)

  • Qualified and insured professional therapist

  • Relaxing environment

  • Open 7 days a week

  • Open late Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

  • Easy access and free parking

The picture shows Matt providing a firm pressure massage for a client that exercises regularly.

Physiological Benefits of Massage:

  • Relieves muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness as well as tired, stiff joints.

  • Improve circulation providing better delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the body.

  • Enables deeper, more efficient and relaxed breathing.

  • Boosts immunity.

  • Promotes general relaxation.

  • Improves neural communications and relaxes the nervous system.

  • Encourages sleep and relieves insomnia.

  • Lowers high blood pressure.

  • Balances the digestion system.

  • Improves skin tone, colour and elasticity.

Psychological Benefits of Massage:

  • Relaxes the body, therefore reduces tension and the effects of stress.

  • Relaxes the mind, therefore reducing anxiety.

  • Soothing and comforting.

  • Increases positive feelings and emotions.

  • Increases energy levels by invigorating all of the body systems.

  • Improve body-image, body awareness and self-esteem.

Proven Benefits Of Massage - The Facts

  • Reduces depression and anxiety

  • It's relaxing - an important part of wellness and pain management

  • May reduce blood pressure (if you suffer from high blood pressure)

  • Helps you sleep

  • Relieves back pain

“Massage is beneficial for patients with moderately acute and chronic non-specific low-back pain in terms of improving symptoms and function.

The beneficial effects of massage in patients with chronic low-back pain are long lasting (at least one year after end of sessions).”

Largest study of massage for low back pain was done in 2011 by credible authors Daniel Cherkin and Richard Deyo.

“Massage therapy may be effective for treatment of chronic back pain, with benefits lasting at least 6 months”.

Intense Sensory Experience

"Massage reminds us what it is like to feel good – and we often desperately need that reminder. We may then feel highly motivated to reclaim that sense of well-being in the rest of our lives. The sensations of massage can change your sense of yourself, how it feels to be in your skin – which may give you some leverage on your emotional ruts. It is a well-established fact of neurology that posture and facial expressions are strongly coupled to emotional state. It is likely that this phenomenon extends to the physical manipulations of massage; that being manipulated doesn’t just feel pleasant, but also has much more complex effects on emotions and cognition. And personal growth and emotional maturation probably have some clinical relevance to recovery and healing".

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