Price List - from 20th February 2024


Back, Neck and Shoulders - 30 minutes - £30, or 40 minutes - £40

A back, neck and shoulders massage for pain from muscular tension, possibly as a result of stress, work or bad posture. Also available as a 40min appointment, which includes hips / glutes.

Back of the Body - 50 minutes - £50 

Thorough massage of the back, glutes, shoulders, neck and back of the legs (quads and calves). No need to turn over during your massage. Can also include feet, arms and hands.

Full Body Massage - 65 minutes - £60 

Can include back, glutes, legs, feet, tummy, arms, hands, shoulders, neck and face, but you can request that I avoid or emphasise certain areas.

Full Body Massage (Extra Time) - 75 minutes - £70 

Whether you want to indulge in an unrushed 75 minutes of relaxation and pampering, or you are riddled with aches and pains from a sporting event - I'm sure you deserve it! Perfect at the end of a busy week or for special occasions. All areas mentioned above can be treated thoroughly and you'll feel so much better afterwards!

All the above treatments are therapeutic Swedish Massage. You can however request the tempo and pressure you require.


A soothing full body massage, using continuous, flowing massage strokes with the use of arms and hands. Very relaxing, and yet invigorating, Lomi massage is the ultimate pampering experience, which uses the medium of luxurious coconut oil. NB. due to the method of Lomi Lomi; the client is asked to wear little to no clothing, and has minimal towel coverage over them. This is so that as much of the body as possible can be massaged simultaneously, and there isn't a break in the massage strokes. This massage is said to feel loving, as the therapist forms a connection with the recipient. Be prepared for the 'Wow' factor!!

 Lomi Lomi - 45 minutes - £45, 60 minutes - £60, 75 minutes - £75.


Hot Stones Full Body Massage - 60 minutes - £60

This luxurious treatment involves the use of heated Basalt stones to massage the body. The heat helps to relax the muscles and is also very comforting. Usually, the back, neck, shoulders, arms, tummy and legs are included. I also use cold marble stones to massage the face. The cold stones provide a surprisingly pleasant sensation and help reduce inflammation.

Hot Stones & Crystals Complete Treatment - 90 minutes - £90

The pampering  holistic treatment includes: Hot Stones Full Body Massage + Cold Stones Face Massage + Hot Stones Feet Reflex Massage +Chakra Balancing with crystals. If you love the healing properties of stones and crystals, then this is for you! It's the ultimate in 'me-time' and you'll feel entirely relaxed and rejuvenated.


Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage

Tsuboki face massage helps to relieve tension within the face, scalp, neck and shoulders, it is also incredibly nurturing and comforting. Tsuboki face massage is included in my Swedish full body and Lomi full body massages, unless you request that it is excluded.


I am a qualified Reiki 2 practitioner and provide Reiki healing as a softer alternative to the other treatments I offer. Reiki is used to heal physical, mental and spiritual issues. It can do no harm, it's not in any way related to religion and uses intelligent universal energy, which finds where it needs to go in the body. Try a 15min Reiki add-on on the end of your Swedish, Lomi or Hot Stones massage!

Reiki - 30 minutes - £30, or 15 minutes add-on - £15.

1st Time? Please allow an additional 10 minutes for your first consultation to complete your consultation form, massage preferences form and discuss your treatment.

You'll be pleased to hear that the durations listed above exclude undressing / dressing time, so please allow a couple of minutes either side of your appointment.

Call now to book your appointment 07880 721 765

The photo shows a female client enjoying her relaxing massage treatment.


For 1st time clients, payment is via BACS (direct bank transfer must be in advance of appointment - details sent at time of booking). For existing clients, there is the option to pay via cash or bank transfer.


(* All 6 treatments must be of the same value and used within 6 months by the same person)

(** 6 x 30min = £150.00 / saving £30, 6 x 40min = £200.00 / saving £40, 6 x 50min = £250.00 / saving £50)

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers available for special occasions: Mother’s Day / Father’s Day, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Christmas. 


An Experience For Your Senses

Sight - The tastefully decorated treatment room features subtle mood lighting to create a relaxing ambience.

Sound - There's the option to choose from a variety of soothing sounds and music:

Oriental, birdsong, rain, ocean, piano and so on...

Plus you'll probably hear the twinkling windchime and the birdsong outside!

Smell - If you wish I can use aromatherapy oil in my humidifier.

Touch - The massage speed and pressure can be adjusted to suit your preference. Let me know whether you'd prefer 

a firm massage to alleviate sore muscles or a restful and relaxing massage to relieve stress and anxiety (or indeed a combination of both!)

The heating can be adjusted to your comfort, plus I use a heated couch and towels to keep you cosy.

Call now to book your appointment 07880 721 765


Also available: 

Couples Full Body Massages

Book simultaneous massages and enjoy your massages side-by-side!

Only available at weekends and evenings. Advance booking necessary.

65, 75 or 90 minutes options.

From £60 per person.

Couples Massage Lesson  

Book a private lesson in giving each other a remedial or sensual massage.

Great idea for Christmas, birthday, wedding anniversary or Valentines Day. 


Virtual Massage Lesson For Couples

I will talk you through my professional massage routines and advise you on your technique.

Choose between a 30min back massage lesson or a 60min full body massage lesson.

Mutual massage will reduce your tension and reignite your love life. 

All you need is a means of facetime and some oil!

£50 per hour.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Private Tuition - £50 per hour. (held in the driveway at YinYang Massage Clinic)

Eagle Claw Kung Fu

A list of 90 min adult group classes can be found at - from £50pcm

Private Tuition - £50 per hour. (held in the driveway at YinYang Massage Clinic)