The photo features Matt and one of his regular customers.

Here are some of the reviews and testimonials from past and current happy customers. Clients have come to me from Lightwater, Farnham, Cranleigh, Tongham, Yateley, Woking, Guildford, Blackwater, Farnborough, Camberley, Frimley, Ash Vale, Fleet, Finchampstead, Frogmore, Hook, Odiham and right across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.

"Tailor-made body massages at your request. Very professional, pure indulgence after a tiresome, stressed out week at work. Visited twice and will continue to do so as part of my well-being regime, highly recommend YinYang Massage, thanks Matt" - Po West

"I have had several excellent massages with Matt so far and I will definitely be back for many more! I find his treatments to be very intuitive and uniquely tailored to how I am feeling any given treatment day, rather than a set routine. He has a deep interest in his work and a commitment to giving the best massage he can, and this is something that comes across clearly during treatments. The overall effect of a massage with Matt is both restorative and soothing for body and mind - a cross between a technical sports massage that sorts out all the achey bits and an holistic therapeutic treatment that has me floating home ready to tackle anything the world throws at me. Great work Matt" - Cherry Collins

"I would like to say a big thank you for the massage, it was one of the best I've ever had! I felt totally chilled out afterwards. I always suffer from neck and shoulders due to driving a lot (bad posture), but have been pain free for the last couple of days. I would happily recommend you to everyone I know." - Jane Green

"The massage itself was great, I felt really relaxed. Only moments of discomfort were when you were trying to work out the huge knots I (apparently) have in my body! Straight afterwards - felt a bit sore, but that didn't last long. Afterwards I have felt good. I was expecting to be sore, but did a treadmill and abs workout the next morning - no bother." - Gareth Williams

“Following an intense workout regime, I was suffering from very stiff and painful muscles. When I went to Matt his technique was great, and he managed to release the muscle tension, which immediately made my muscles relax. As a result I slept right through the night and woke up with no pain. Thank you so much for a great massage!” - Prashanie Dharmadasa

"Thank you for yesterday's massage. I actually managed to sleep through the night for the first time in 6 years! I also woke up this morning with no aches or pains in my neck, which has been troubling me recently and my back is totally clear again; something I have suffered with since my late teens. I have also noticed my stress levels have dropped drastically...so once again, thank you." - Toby Sharp

"The massage was lovely with just the right pressure. I felt very relaxed during the massage as well as afterwards and the warm towels were lovely." - Natalie Chandler

“The massage was very good. I felt apprehensive before the massage, but I quickly felt comfortable. There was a big difference in my right leg where I had my knee surgery. There was a massive improvement in the feeling in my leg and the muscles felt really loosened up. That has been the overriding feeling, as that has made quite a difference. I thought the whole experience was very professional.” - Mike Hammond

"Just wanted to say thank you for the massage yesterday. When I arrived I had been pretty manic all morning. You were very calm and explained things very well, so straight away I felt comfortable. The massage was very good and consistent in the movements; mirroring on both sides. You also explained to me what you were doing and if you found any areas of concern that were more tense , and why. I had a day off from the gym today and have to say I am not aching half as much as I normally would - my muscles feel very relaxed and not tense. I would definitely be interested in having this treatment again , it was very relaxing and helped to get rid of some of the stress toxins." - Lynsey Rimmington

“I really enjoyed the full body massage on Friday. You targeted all the areas where I felt tense. The pressure was perfect. After the massage I felt a big relief on my shoulders and felt very relaxed and in a better mood. I slept really well. The next day I felt energised after a good night sleep and managed to face a long day in Legoland.” - Ilham Zegmou

“It was my first ever massage, so I didn't have really know what to expect, but I was made to feel at ease and enjoyed the experience. I slept really well and woke up feeling really refreshed and revitalised. The lower back pain hasn't gone completely, but it has definitely eased off a lot since the massage - I'll definitely be booking again!" - Rickie Cole

"Massage was lovely, really relaxing and tranquil. I felt really light and totally stress free after!wards. Great job Matt!" - Michelle Steggall

"I found the treatment loosened my tight calf, quads and hamstring muscles and I was able to train (Kung Fu) the following day with greater effort and without pain. Back and neck discomfort was also reduced. I felt looser and less tense and although relaxed; I also felt energised." - Gareth Jenkins

“The massage was great and I definitely felt the benefits immediately afterwards as I felt spaced and "zeroed" - as if I had some completely guilt free me time. My muscles felt relaxed and warm." - Hayley Hicks

“Just wanted to thank you for the second full body massage on Wednesday. I was feeling quite tired as I had not been sleeping well. Both the room and the massage table were comfortably warm and I soon felt very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the massage. The pressure used was just right for me and I was able to completely de-stress. Afterwards I felt very chilled and able to cope with the rest of my day in a far better state of mind. I slept very well that night too so thank you once again.” - Valerie Dunning

"The massage really helped to reduce my stress and I felt that the tension in my legs has reduced greatly." - Chun Tsang

“That was one of the best massages I've had! Very thorough and relaxing. You're very professional and put people at ease. Your massage room is lovely too!" - Melissa Hoare

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