Massage FAQs

Here's some answers to possible questions you may have, to put you at ease about your massage appointment.

What Exactly Is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage did not originate in Sweden, nor was it created by a Swede. Also, in Sweden there is no "Swedish massage"; instead, massage is referred to almost universally as "classic massage". In most European countries the term classic massage is much more prevalent than Swedish massage, but in the UK, the term classic massage is used very little, while Swedish massage is the familiar name when referring to this most common and well known form of massage.

If it's your first time or you don't get massage often, Swedish massage is the best place to start. It is the foundation for other types of Western massage, including sports massage, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy massage and is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology. A Swedish massage can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending on the therapist's personal style and what he or she is trying to achieve. Most people book a 60-minute massage; giving the therapist adequate time to work the muscle tissue and achieve results. If you have pain, it will likely take a series of massages and some home care to get results.

Is It Sensual Massage?

The word 'sensual' unfortunately brings about other connotations within the massage industry. Whereas 'sensuous' is somewhat appropriate, as it literally means 'affecting the senses', which is undoubtedly true. The experience may be incredibly relaxing and stress relieving, even-though your reason for booking in was to alleviate muscular aches and pains.

"But I couldn't possibly receive a massage from a male therapist!"

Whether you are male or female and regardless of your age, ethnicity or your shape; let me assure you that I do not discriminate, nor am I judgemental.

I am a professional massage therapist, so please don't avoid booking a massage with me because you're worried what I might think of your body.

Before You Arrive

It is advised that you do not eat a large meal within an hour before arriving.

I ask that you are clean for your massage; Please practice good hygiene and shower before you arrive 

(NB. there are no shower facilities at the clinic, although there is a loo).

The photo shows Matt reassuring a client during the massage consultation

Once You Arrive

I will ask you about any injuries or other conditions that I should know about. Things you would want to tell your therapist include areas of tightness or pain, allergies, and conditions like pregnancy. You are also required to complete a consultation form. You can also tell me up front if you have a preference for light or firm pressure, if you'd like me to concentrate on any problem areas or whether there are any areas you wish to be avoided. You can also specify your preferences on the consultation form. After the consultation, I'll instruct you how to lie on the table (either face-up or face-down, and underneath the towel) and then I'll leave the room and wait outside, so that you can get undressed...

What Should I Wear During My Massage?

In Swedish Massage it is desirable to provide access to all of the body and therefore being completely undressed is preferable and quite normal. Whatever level of undress you feel comfortable with, a 'bath sheet' towel can be draped over you, to keep you warm, as much as to preserve your privacy and modesty. The therapist only uncovers the part of the body he is working on. The important thing is that you feel warm, comfortable and are able to relax.

As for towel coverage - I understand some people are warm-bodied and/or relaxed about their bodies and also find that the adjustment of towels can impede the massage itself, therefore I am happy to reduce the towel coverage to only cover the genitals. This in fact makes for a very thorough and continuous massage, with long strokes from the legs to the torso and visa versa.

If you are uncomfortable with nudity please feel free to keep your underpants on, but understand that this means it can make massage to the buttocks (the largest muscle of the body) problematic. NB. If you want the practitioner to work on your glutes, even though you're wearing underwear, you should be upfront in saying so (we can adjust certain underwear if necessary, with your permission), since many practitioners will interpret your hesitancy to undress completely as unwillingness to be touched in certain areas. Requesting glute work won't sound weird (this is what massage therapists do).

Please tie long hair up and remove your watch and any jewellery. If you have requested a face massage you may prefer you arrive without makeup.

Once you're laid under the towel call out "I'm ready!" I will knock and ask if you are ready, before re-entering the room. 

The photo shows Matt during a back massage on a male client.

During Your Massage

For a full body massage I generally start by working on your back, using various massage strokes. Secondly, I work the back of each leg. Once I've finished your legs I will carefully hold the towel up while you turn over onto your back; then I'll carefully cover you again. I'll then massage the front of each leg, your feet, tummy, both arms and hands, and generally finish with your neck, shoulders and face. Don't forgot you can request that I skip any body parts.

Speak Up

Before your massage begins you should ask if you would like the therapist to spend more time on certain problem areas. If the pressure is too light or too firm, you should speak up and ask the therapist to adjust it. Swedish massage usually includes some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension, but if you truly want deeper, more intensive work and firmer pressure, book a deep tissue massage.

After Your Massage

Take a couple of minutes to get up off the couch. You might be feeling drowsy! 

I'll offer you some water to help you re-hydrate.  

Try to take it easy for the rest of the day. 

If you stretch regularly, drink plenty of water and book a series of weekly, fortnightly or monthly massages, the benefits will be even more noticeable.

Call now to book your appointment or to ask any questions that I haven't answered above 07880 721 765