Matt Williams


ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Massage, including Anatomy and Physiology in 2017.

2022 - I trained in Hot Stones Massage, Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage and Reiki

2023 - I trained in Lomi Lomi Massage.

The photo features Matt in his Treatment room.


I have taught Kung Fu and Tai Chi since I was 16 years of age. After 30 years experience in martial arts, I was drawn to massage therapy as the Yin (soft/healing) to balance the Yang (hard rigours) of martial arts training.

NB. In Chinese tradition, possessing therapeutic and healing abilities often accompanies martial arts mastery.

My strong understanding of (and interest in) the human body, as well as my own highly-developed body awareness and control, are utilised during massage therapy.

Three years ago I recognised that I have a strong passion and an innate ability to continue to help others through the medium of massage therapy, after receiving the benefits of massage myself. Right from the beginning of my massage journey I was found to have an intuitive and instinctive ability for massage, and realised it was my calling.

It has been said I have an out-of-the-ordinary sense of touch; which seems to naturally heal and nurture. I put it down to the fact that my work comes from the heart. I work with my clients so sincerely and with a depth of intent that goes more than skin deep.

My subconscious intention is to make people deeply rested, relieved of anxiety and stress, and leaving with a feeling of overall contentment and peace.

My personality

Over many years I have crafted my innate nurturing abilities through coaching and mentoring people of all ages.

I am an intuitive and deep-thinking professional business owner and serious about my profession. 

My empathy drives me to help and heal people and I hope my friendly and kind natured demeanour will put you at ease.

My clinic is located at the rear of my family home, where I live with my wife, two young children and Springer Spaniel.

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